Playing with Fire: AV Installation by Mark Lloyd and Laura Irving

May-June 2018 | Exhibited as part of BEAF

Digitally recreated image of the sun, projected via solar powered projector- accompanied by audio loop

Digitally recreated sun in CGI using particle systems, Gerry Gherado (University of Florida) 2014

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Credit/Tasks: Sound Design
Contributing artists: Visuals: Mark Lloyd

Mark David Lloyd is a British contemporary artist who exhibits internationally. He works predominantly in painting but also in other disciplines. His work has been described as; meta-modernist, post post-modernist, and nascent.


“While we talk, the sun is getting older. It will explode in 4.5 billion years. … In comparison everything else seems insignificant. Wars, conflicts, political tension, shifts in opinion, philosophical debates, even passions—everything’s dead already if this infinite reserve from which you now draw energy to defer answers, if in short thought as a quest, dies out with the sun. ... Human death is included in the life of the mind. Solar death implies an irreparably exclusive disjunction between death and thought: if there’s death, then there’s no thought.”

Jean-François Lyotard 1994

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