In the Dark

With Nina Perry

An audiotastic start to the year: long-time In The Dark friend and collaborator Nina Perry will be joining us in Bournemouth in January. She’ll be playing a mixture of her own work and work that has inspired her.

Nina is one of Britain’s most successful radio feature producers, known in particular for making what she describes as ‘composed features’. Her productions include the award winning Melting Point, Supermarket Symphony (A Guardian pick of the year) Spring Clean Symphony and Spirit of the Beehive (both featured on BBC Radio4 pick of the year).

Credit: Event organisation, design and door lackey

About In The Dark

[In The Dark] is all about listening in new ways” Time Out

In The Dark is a collaborative project between a new generation of radio producers and radio enthusiasts.

We aim to create a mini-revolution in the way people think about spoken-word radio by lifting it out of its traditional settings and celebrating it in new and exciting ways.

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