Charles Parker Prize- Best Student Radio Feature 2017

Silver award for Quiet Revolution

Quiet Revolution was a witty and beautifully crafted miniature feature that packed a great deal into its short span. “Beautifully mixed” said one judge, “arresting and entertaining,” another. “A poised – quite simple-sounding, but complex in terms of ideas and sound – unpeeling of one woman’s middle-aged angst and dreams…” said a third. And what was the middle-aged dream – or angst – that Laura made her feature about, after all? …..[listen & find out!]

The judges called this programme “a total delight from start to finish”. “Arresting, entertaining, with good use of material and sound effects.” This was “an uplifting subject, with a great reveal.” “And Funny!”

Credit/Tasks: Producer
Aired on the BBC

About the Charles Parker Prize

Charles Parker (1919–1980) was a BBC Radio producer who specialised in Documentary Radio and Theatre. In particular, he is remembered for his collaboration with Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger on the 1958-1963 series of Radio Ballads, which won an Italia Prize for Radio Documentary in 1960 and is seen as a landmark of study in oral history

The Charles Parker Prize is awarded each year for the Best Student Radio Feature and is open to students of radio production in the UK. The feature should in some way reflect an essence of Parker’s own work – story led documentaries that bring life to the concerns of ordinary people through creative radio production techniques.