Alan Plater Screenwriting Prize- Best Feature Film Script

Bournemouth University | BA Script Writing

Once upon a time there was a scriptwriter who...won the Plater Prize for Best Screenplay. Waaaay back in 2002.

Credit/Tasks: Best Feature Film Screenplay

About: (from Alan's obituary in The Guardian)

The jazz-loving, heroically cigarette-smoking, Hull City-supporting Plater was a populist all-rounder with more than 300 assorted credits in radio, television, theatre and films (his screenplay for DH Lawrence's The Virgin and the Gypsy, directed by Christopher Miles in 1970, is probably his best) as well as journalism, six novels, broadcasting and teaching. He was always busy, and always writing

Plater was always suspicious of theories about writing, preferring to glean his ideas and material from everyday conversation in pubs and clubs, where he was the most convivial company imaginable. "I'm only human and therefore not without faults," he said, "but at least I don't stink up the place with arcs and paradigms. My approach to dramatic structure is to play Duke Ellington's 1940 version of Harlem Air Shaft, which contains all you need to know about dramatic structure, if you have ears to listen."